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“You must live around and be in constant contact with other artists of your generation everyday.

Otherwise, you are finished.”

— Jerry Saltz

Membership includes:

Monthly meetups with art dealer Jen Tough

Residency program for focus & feedback

Two exhibitions per month (artists earn 100%)

Inspiring & creative challenges

Monthly live events

Supportive & friendly community of artists

Video library, resources & workshops


"A very supportive community - lots of terrific work being made and shared. Up to date info, reliable help and comic relief for solo artists at all levels of practice."

Miriam Hitchcock, CA

"Incredible online art community, join today!"

Irmgard Geul, Oklahoma

"It is incredible! So happy to be part of the Artist Alliance community!"

Shilo Ratner, Connecticut

"The Artist Alliance saved me last year. So much inspiration and a fantastic, supportive community of incredible artists."

Terry Tsu, California

"Join! It's so worth it"

Lita Kenyon, Washington

"This is an amazing group of supportive creative people, moderated by the best of both, Jen Tough. The challenges are great (and just that), the webinars very informative and the critiques are so insightful."

Anne Rabe, California

"So much good material here!"

Jenn Wiggs, Missouri

Hi, I'm Jen Tough.

Being an artist can be a solitary journey. I created the Artist Alliance to help empower artists to move ahead both creatively and professionally through a supportive community, curated exhibitions, challenges, valuable resources and our new residency program. Nothing makes me happier than when artists feel empowered to take on the challenges of the art world, and I celebrate every win with members.

"I just did my first website sale thanks to your shows!!!!"

—Deborah B.F., Oakland

"A fantastic way to network with other artists, a wealth of information to move ahead with your artwork."

—Cee, Columbus, OH

"A painting I entered in the Rough Around the Edges exhibition sold as soon you shared it on social media!"

—Susan M, CA

The Artist Alliance experience has been extraordinary.

"The phrase, "drinking from a fire hose," comes to mind. It is incredibly rich in process and resources, inspiration, and great fun! Working and observing other incredible artists is another plus."

—Sue Cretarolo


A must for any professional artist!

"A must for any professional artist! Jen is amazing and a wealth of experience and knowledge. The members are supportive and eager to take part in all the opportunities offered from small groups to exhibition and open studios opportunities."

—Mary Ann Forehand

I highly recommend becoming a member!

"This group is great! Being a studio artist can be very isolating at times...especially THESE times, and this is a great place to connect with artists from all over. I have already taken advantage of two workshops and a webinar that was EXTREMELY helpful and very informative as well as timely. I love that there is a separate place for the public to view the art as well. I highly recommend becoming a member!" —P.K. Williams


Wonderful program

"Lots of talented artists joined together sharing their experiences has been insightful. The webinars produced by Jen Tough are invaluable. Highly recommend joining this wonderful program."

Laurie Blessen

Included in your membership:


Monthly Exhibitions with No Entry Fees & 100% Commission on Sales

Juried or curated by artists or art professionals, we host a new exhibition each month. Members always earn 100% on sales and pay no gallery commissions. Best selling shows in 2020 were Small Works and Wild Lands. Our exhibitions are online on our public website: and available to the world at large.


Video Library

As a frequent juror, mentor, instructor and portfolio reviewer, Gallerist Jen Tough has created a library for members (that's always growing!), including Killer Artist Websites, All About Art Galleries, Social Media Toolbox, All About Juried Shows, The Art of Selling Art and many more.


Stay-in-Place Residencies

Overseen by Jen Tough, our new residency program runs for 3 months, 4 times a year. State your intentions, give and receive feedback, post your progress, and add it to your resume.


Live Community Events

Our live community events include Second Sunday Critiques, Virtual Open Studios and Coaching Calls (mentoring sessions).


Monthly Challenges

Our challenges occur each month and include a closing exhibition if it's an art challenge. Every participant is included in the exhibition, and all the work for sale (members earn 100%).


Artist of the Week

Each week one eligible member of the community is selected to be Artist of the Week and promoted on our channels.


Promote to the community

Unlike most online communities or groups, we love when our members promote what they're up to! We encourage our members to share their latest event, show or workshop to grow their audience and benefit from the networking available to members.


100 Rejections Challenge

Our bi-annual, 5-month long challenge has the goal of each participant getting 100 rejections! This is where the benefits of a supportive community really shines! Whether it's a rejection from a juried show, an ignored email from a gallery or any other type of art-related rejection, this voluntary challenge will take the sting out of a rejection and turn it into a win!


A Thriving and Supportive Community

Share your work, and get feedback and support from our friendly artist community! Our members are eager to share ideas, upcoming exhibitions, tips and tricks, and of course, feedback on each other's work.


The BASIC Method

The BASIC Method is a time tracking and accountability system developed for visual thinkers. What makes this program unique (and beneficial), is it defines the FIVE key areas visual artists must focus on to accelerate their careers. This is a 20 week program offered twice per year.

"Wanted to let you know that the BASIC program has kept me focused and on track and after only about 1-1/2 months of incorporating it into my MO, I’ve already gotten representation!" 

—Current Member, Marcia S.

The Artist Alliance Promise

Artists earn 100% of any sales and no entry fees

No exclusionary contracts or restrictions for showing with other galleries or venues if selected for our exhibitions

Our community will always be free from advertising, but we welcome art-related promotions from members!

We won't share your information or data... ever.




"The Artist Alliance and membership in "the tribe", has been a growing experience for me and perfectly timed. I recently relocated from Colorado where I began my artist life, to San Francisco. Consequently, I have a great need to learn of and to connect with a new artist community. Jen Tough is so knowledgeable and committed to sharing whatever she can to help artists to help themselves. Jen models a supportive attitude -- I feel that members follow her lead and do the same. Because of this, there is the bonus of learning from all tribal members from across our country, and if not already, from beyond. Perfect!!" —Jean Brodie

Founded by Jen Tough of Jen Tough Gallery, The Artist Alliance was created during the Coronavirus pandemic. Long realizing the gallery system was pretty broken for artists, she created the Artist Alliance to offer artists community, exposure and resources, where artists earn 100% on sales.

Jen’s past work experiences include being the art director for Warner Bros Records and Urban Outfitters, along with years of freelance projects for Nike, Drew Carey, and numerous national magazines. Jen has won awards for art direction & design, was named "one to watch" for the 2000s for art direction, and has juried numerous national exhibitions. She lives with her husband, daughter, and two dogs in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Jen Tough Gallery has been included in:


Is this for advanced artists only?

Our community is for artists of all levels of experience, from just "dabbling" and getting feet wet, to returning to art after a long hiatus, to mid-career and established artists. There is a wide range of styles and media, from abstract painting, to realist to photography and video.

Is there a portfolio review to get in?

No, every artist is welcome and we have artists of all levels inside the community. Everyone is supportive to each other no matter what level you are at, and artists learn from each other daily.

Will I get in every exhibition?

We have two exhibitions every month with no entry fees and members earn 100% on sales. One is juried by an outside arts professional, and one is randomly selected so all members have an equal chance of inclusion.

What is included in the price?

All monthly challenges, the BASIC Method 5-month program, all exhibitions with no entry fee (and you earn 100% on sales), library of video workshops, Live events, monthly critiques, our new quarterly stay-in-place residencies, a generous and friendly community offering feedback and support to all members.

Is my membership refundable?

Because of the amount of content available immediately, there are no refunds for time already spent in the community. However, if you are unhappy with your experience, we promise to remedy the situation to the best of our ability to ensure a positive experience for you.

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